JaguarStar190Saph walks down the pathway, then turns and goes down a smaller trail toward the pond. When she arrives, she is surprised to see Marina and Drake already at her favorite bench. "You stole my hiding spot" she exclaims.

  • 1:34 EmperorCosmicNeo(I'll go last)
  • 1:34 TheLittleRabbit"Hey Saph!" she smiles, waiting for her friend to sit down. Continuing her conversation with Drake, she asked "So, what do you guys think about Beauxbatons?"
  • 1:35 EmperorCosmicNeo"Awsome. Amazing. Everything is cool!" Drake replied.
  • 1:36 JaguarStar190Saph sits down, disappointed that she wouldn't get to finish her book. "It's fine" she says
  • 1:36 TheLittleRabbit"The Epedors are really nice." she smiled
  • 1:37 EmperorCosmicNeo"I'm the nicest though." Drake laughed.
  • 1:37 EmperorCosmicNeo (I am truly the nicest)
  • 1:38 JaguarStar190"I like the Daulphines" Saph replies. "There are a lot of 1st years this year, so there's plenty of people to talk to
  • 1:38 TheLittleRabbit"There aren't a lot of Epedors this year, but at least I have Drake." she high fived him and started to giggle.
  • 1:38 EmperorCosmicNeo"Yep!" he said.
  • 1:40 JaguarStar190Saph nods
  • 1:40 TheLittleRabbit"So, what were you reading about Saph?" she asked.
  • 1:40 EmperorCosmicNeo(We can go out of order to make it easier to talk right?)
  • 1:40 JaguarStar190
  • 1:41 EmperorCosmicNeo(k)
  • 1:41 JaguarStar190"Oh nothing" Saph says. "Just one of the books an the animagus the I'm borrowing from Professer Lily. It's fascinating"
  • 1:42 EmperorCosmicNeo"The books I mostly read are Dark Arts books."
  • 1:43 TheLittleRabbit"I love Potions books"
  • 1:43 JaguarStar190"I don't really hav a preference, but if I had to choose, I'd say the ones and Animals"
  • 1:44 EmperorCosmicNeo"Animals are cool. Potions are aswell."
  • 1:44 JaguarStar190"Thanks" Saph says
  • 1:45 EmperorCosmicNeoDrake nodded and got up from the bench. "I'm bored. What should we do?"
  • 1:46 JaguarStar190"I don't know. What do you think Marina?"
  • 1:46 TheLittleRabbit"Let's go somewhere." she got up.
  • 1:46 JaguarStar190"Where do you wan to go?" Saph asks
  • 1:46 EmperorCosmicNeo"Ok!" Drake said and ran off, but came running back. "Wait where we going?"
  • 1:48 TheLittleRabbit"Um. I don't know." she mumbled.
  • 1:48 JaguarStar190"Looks like it's your choice Drake."
  • 1:48 EmperorCosmicNeoDrake slapped his fore head. "I hate making decisions!"
  • 1:49 EmperorCosmicNeo "I always pick bad stuff." he added.
  • 1:49 JaguarStar190Saph laughed. "I'm sure whatever you pick will be fine."
  • 1:50 EmperorCosmicNeo"Salon de Glace?" Drake shrugged.
  • 1:50 JaguarStar190"Sure!"
  • 1:51 EmperorCosmicNeo"You ok with that Marina?" Drake asked.
  • 1:51 TheLittleRabbit(Sorry..gotta go!)
  • 1:52 JaguarStar190(ok)
  • TheLittleRabbit has left the chat.
  • 1:52 EmperorCosmicNeo(Wanna stop the rp or keep going?)
  • 1:53 JaguarStar190(just pretend Marina had to go back and study)
  • 1:53 EmperorCosmicNeo(k)
  • 1:53 EmperorCosmicNeo "Sooo we going?"
  • 1:54 JaguarStar190"Yep. Come on!" Saph grabs Drake's hand and pulls him towards Salon de Glance.
  • 1:54 EmperorCosmicNeo"So whatcha gonna get?"
  • 1:55 JaguarStar190"Hmm...I'm not sure. What about you?" Saph asks.
  • 1:55 EmperorCosmicNeo"Chocolate."

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