Full Name Tobias Kristof Haas
Birthday January 22nd
Status Pure-blood Wizard
Wand WIP
Wand arm Right
Patronus Lynx
Occupation Student
Loyalty Daulphine


Tobias Kristof Haas was born in Cologne, Germany to a German father and a French mother. His parents, Ulrich and Brigitte, met when his mother was on vacation in Germany and coincidentally, they both come from a family of magic. So Toby's family is pure-blood and although they are not supremacists, they're proud. He has an older sister by two years named Juliette. Toby and his family moved to France when he was 9. He's fluent in English, German and French but prefers English the most.

Growing up, life was quiet. Although he was born in a large city, his family moved to the German countryside and now his parents live in a suburb in France. He didn't have many friends and mostly stayed indoors, dreaming of magic and studying if he didn't have anything else to do. He and his sister entertained each other and she always thought of a way to destroy their boredom. Upon entering Beauxbatons, he was quite excited and although he admits that he prefers his quiet persona, he longs to break out of his shell.



Birthplace Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Type of Childhood Quiet
Earliest Memory Snowball fights with his sister during German winters
Pets None
Hobbies Reading, Fencing
Immediate Goals Open up to other people
Long Term Goals WIP
Most at ease when By himself
Character flaw Reclusive


Toby is pretty quiet because he's not used to being surrounded by a lot of people. His short responses tend to annoy some people unless they're used to it. You hardly see him smiling either but that doesn't mean he's sad or angry or depressed all the time. He'll crack a smile if you manage to make him laugh or compliment him. If you get him to open up and carry out an actual conversation, he's actually pretty nice and will be a good friend. Toby's not one to speak first but he won't try to ignore someone if they approach him.


Toby's model is Elvis Jankus.

Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'10"
Native Language French & German
Ethnicity German
Languages Spoken English, German, French

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