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CharacterLast EditLast Editor
Dylan Montgomery03:35, July 17, 2017Ajacopia1
Noémie Clement04:02, July 1, 2017104.32.27.70
Cosette Bonaccord08:33, May 6, 2017MV246
Wynn MacAuley20:44, March 7, 2017ILoveParamore15
Virginie Toussaint09:51, February 16, 2017Lililoxi
Natalie Jessamine Nicolette21:33, January 8, 201750.4.211.216
Kalanie SkaiShadow20:08, April 21, 2016Mack Z 2004
Mackinzae Torsson19:52, April 11, 2016Princess Mackinzae
Reneé Le Poiré01:46, February 6, 2016Reneeperry
Claire De Lune18:00, February 3, 2016Vidna
Marine De Castille10:30, November 29, 2015101.185.12.201
Victorie Von Tonks04:42, November 28, 2015Froggish
Estelle King06:10, November 14, 2015Estelle King
Véronique Beauvais06:16, October 20, 2015MerisaMist
Marjorie Beauchene22:14, October 3, 2015MoriartyMoran
Edeline Bradshaw23:29, September 30, 2015Hogwarts forever18
Margaux Delalune16:36, August 20, 2015MargauxFleur
Gwendolyn Avalon20:59, July 7, 201587.166.174.78
Alisson Meyer05:11, May 10, 2015101.185.21.176
Persephone Lewton16:01, May 9, 2015101.185.21.176
Sam Leau15:57, May 9, 2015101.185.21.176
Charlotte Bertrand15:42, December 28, 2014Summer4ever
Auorra Prevell20:44, December 20, 2014Havenprevell
Ella Lunefleur17:13, December 3, 2014ElladorixLunefleur
Loredanat13:57, November 29, 2014Loredanat
Bunny Nelson22:33, November 21, 2014BunnyC
Sapphire Allen19:55, November 11, 2014JayeTheMofo
Siana Overlande00:38, October 12, 2014Presphii
Kay Taaffe14:42, October 6, 2014Maybie93
Avalon18:22, September 23, 201467.50.248.38
Ariana Ellen12:17, September 7, 201495.144.31.86
Jennifer Black22:25, August 4, 2014Nat25
Danielle22:54, July 23, 201474.34.195.11
Zoé Epsy19:24, June 16, 2014Fullofentertainment
Ariana Rosewood16:44, May 31, 201496.2.114.14
Kayla Harkness02:11, April 12, 2014I'msorrymylove
Adriana Rose00:03, April 8, 2014Adrianarosee97
Caroline Firewood14:05, April 7, 2014Cynderheart
Sam Richards20:59, February 12, 2014GoldenGail3
Claire Duchannes22:32, February 11, 2014Clairince771d
Andromeda Wingfield19:56, February 5, 201464.178.177.13
Lukas Baudin08:35, January 28, 2014TimeLord15
Loraine Malfoy01:33, December 17, 201324.47.231.27
Joyce Robin Scorpio19:23, November 25, 2013LlamaSpearsTimberlake
Imogen Maya Rivera19:03, November 25, 2013LlamaSpearsTimberlake
Bella Rodriguéz22:34, October 21, 2013JaguarStar190
Goldie Turner09:45, October 3, 2013Julycorman
Tiara Ashaf00:30, September 22, 2013Maharani.ashaf
Linda Rong22:06, September 9, 201369.211.96.39

CharacterLast EditSorted By
Piper Lockwood13:23, April 25, 2015MinaTula
Nyx Dröttingu13:21, April 25, 2015MinaTula
Céleste Duville22:57, April 16, 2015MinaTula
Chloe Nightskye20:51, April 11, 2015MinaTula
Angelique Synder20:35, April 11, 2015MinaTula
Annelisse Elmine20:34, April 11, 2015MinaTula
Camilla Skylar20:07, August 24, 2013GoldenGail3
Coralie Charbonneau20:01, August 24, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Alexandria Qiáo09:03, August 23, 2013LillyDaNinja
Toby Haas15:13, August 16, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Allia Cason19:23, August 14, 2013WaterMaster190
Nick Hart13:14, August 10, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Peter Lambert04:49, August 5, 2013JaguarStar190
Isabelle Lamarque19:24, July 31, 2013LillyDaNinja
Eva Lambert10:41, July 29, 2013113.253.237.42
Max Grey20:47, July 22, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Johanna Beckenbauer20:46, July 22, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Arianne Belanger20:19, July 22, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Clara le Rieu18:56, July 18, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Addison de Rosaul17:22, July 16, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Holly Black22:44, July 15, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Blake Reese20:14, July 10, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Angelique Calligenia McCarthy20:13, July 10, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Drake Rain20:10, July 10, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Aimée de LaRousse20:08, July 10, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Adrienne de LaRousse20:08, July 10, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Emma Rose21:44, June 19, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Lucienne Lamond15:26, April 28, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Daliane Lamond15:25, April 28, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Shaye Malenato14:50, April 14, 2013173.77.237.5
Layla Montrose19:28, April 9, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Sapphire "Saph" Chase19:24, April 9, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Cherie Ardoin19:32, April 8, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Amaya Luna02:29, April 7, 2013ArianatorBeingOkay&Ready
Adaline Roberts02:33, April 3, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Noel Laurent00:12, April 3, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Charolette Oliver00:10, April 3, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Catherine Duhamel00:04, April 3, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Della Winters01:18, April 2, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Kayla Gryffin21:32, April 1, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Clovis Decloret22:28, March 27, 2013TheLittleRabbit
Collette Alexandrine09:09, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Melody Rebon09:09, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Example08:53, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Eleanor Durand08:53, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Celia Octavius08:53, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Pandora Wood08:53, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Josefine Rybak08:53, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Giselle Hayden08:52, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Ariana Evagame08:52, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Molly Andrews08:52, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Cosette Aguillard08:51, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Abbey Katherin Potter08:51, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Elizabeth Oconsel08:51, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Miranda Dawn08:50, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Évalee LeBlanc08:50, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Natalia Lavesque08:50, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Astrid Charbonneau08:50, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Lexi "Flare" Dusk08:50, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Célestine Prouvaire08:48, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Oćeane Fontaine08:48, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Philippe Moreau08:48, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Santana Batne08:48, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Abby Monroe08:46, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood
Fabien Gaudet08:46, March 23, 2013LittleRedCrazyHood

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