"Mina! Mina, look outside of the window!" the copper-haired screamed at a waking girl. Mina woke up, her eyes begging to droop back to sleep again, but the Évalee didn't let her. No, Évalee LeBlanc could not let Mina sleep while the first snowflakes were falling on the floors of Beauxbatons! Quickly, she brought Mina to the windows and she used her sleeve to wipe the window, revealing its transparencies again. Excited, she threw a coat, gloves, a beanie at Mina and yelled at her to quickly dress up. She ran out of their dorm room and into the hallway. 

              "Have you never seen a snowflake before?" a rude girl yelled through the thick oak door separating Évalee and the mysterious girl. Évalee huffed and ran to the other hallways. 

              "Wow, Évalee, you must be really excited!" Celia from Daulphine smile as she walked up to Évalee. Évalee quickly smiled and dragged her outside, where Giselle was. Wearing her uniform and a white beret, she danced around the Winter Wonderland. She stuck out her tongue and a snowflake droopped, melting into liquid. Soon enough, all the girls had their tongues stuck out, catching snowflakes everywhere.