Jenna Wilson

Flying Professor
This Character Belongs to Lilly
Page Last Updated: 12 April 2013


Professor Wilson -Ex-Papillonlisse • Graduate
Writer • Sport Player • Head of Papillionlisse House
 – "It's taking me higher,higher,higher off the ground..." {{{1}}}

"Hi there! I'm Professor Wilson, your flying instructior here at Beauxbatons. Feel free to talk to me if you need assistance!"

Basic Info

Full Name Jenna Alicia Wilson
Pronunciation IDK
Meaning IDK
Born April 15
Current Age 34
Gender Female
Species Pure-blood
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
Languages Spoken English

Background Info
Hometown Somewhere in France
Religious Views None
Firsts Kiss = None

Love = None

Family Info
Parents Genevieve and Gustav Wilson
Siblings Freya Wilson

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