Full Name Gwenaëlle Renée de Lacour
Birthday September 24th
Status Pure-Blood Witch
Wand Maple, Phoenix Feather
Wand arm Left
Patronus Panther Wren
Occupation Divination Professor
Loyalty de Lacour and Capucine families


Gwenaëlle Renée de Lacour, or Gwen was born a Papillonlisse girl, like her mother, her mother's mother, and her mother's mother's mother. Beautiful, generous, and loyal. Gwenaëlle and the de Lacour family are very close friends of the Capucine family. Almost instantly their son Luke and Gwen were a tiny toddler pair, always off together somewhere on either families property.

They did fight with one another, badly on occasion, their little fits never last very long. Withing minutes of shouting at one another the two would be right back on track as if nothing had ever happened. Gwen does have a tendency to hold a grudge but Luke usually has a way of getting her to forgive him. Sometimes he isn't very successful, but his attempts are always genuine.

Attending Beauxbâtons Gwen was of course sorted into Papillonlisse, as expected. Her good friend and companion Luke was sorted into Epedor. Despite the unwanted (on her part) separation they were still able to carry on their friendship which eventually grew into something more. Even with the petty disagreements, that occasionally ended in laughter they found comfort in one another.

Luke is Gwen's elder (slightly), because of this when he left Beauxbâtons they lost contact, her letters were never received, and phone calls were never returned. Her initial devastation and loneliness soon turned to anger and hatred. Gwen couldn't understand why he would choose to ignore her, she thought that they had something special. If Luke could just let her go he must not have felt the same way. And this is where she still stands on the matter.


Birthplace Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France
Type of Childhood Pleasant
Earliest Memory Meeting Luke for the first time
Likes Cartomancy, Dream interpretation
Dislikes False predictions, Clouding her inner eye
Hobbies Tessomancy, Crystal-gazing, Pyromancy
Comfort Food(s) Croissants - Mesclun - Boudin blanc
Immediate Goals Decipher her feelings
Long Term Goals Forgive or forget
Most at ease when Teaching, Drinking tea, Burning Sage
Character flaw Friendly but distant
Pets -


Magical SkillsEdit


Gwen can be feisty, outspoken, and incredibly strong-minded. She is compelled to help other people, the less fortunate much more so than herself, always. She has never been as obvious about her good deeds as Luke has, and usually helped people in the guise of another person, using a Polyjuice potion. She behaved like a respectable Pure-Blood witch in the public eye, occasionally doing things she knew she needed to, but not daring to show obvious disloyalty to her Pure-Blood family name, in order to protect her father's and the de Lacour family reputation.


Her model is Lucy Griffiths
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Height 161 cm
Weight 52 kg
Native Language French
Ethnicity French
Languages Spoken French & English
Clothing Style Traditional
Shoe Size 34

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