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Peter Beaudreau The Hottie Behind Glasses
Epedor ~ "Either you run the day or the day runs you."


Peter Beaudreau was borne on May 24 in Le Havre to the rich family of Mary Beaudreau and Matthew Beaudreau. While Mary Beaudreau was a muggle, Matthew Beaudreau was a pure-blood. Many have criticized their relationship, but in the end, they have not one care about their image and decided to get married. Peter had a happy childhood, always getting what he wanted. When he finally turned 11, he received a letter to attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. He never knew about his father's magical abilities, but seeing as this was a great experience, he took it on. 


He's headstrong and stubborn, qualities he gained from his father. He's especially loyal to his loved ones and kind to everyone. He's not a blood-supremicist, because of the relationship his mother and father had. He tries not to judge others before knowing them personally. He's often quirky at times and is a total nerd. He tries his best during classes.

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