Josefine's Signiture



Josefine was born to an Austrian mother and a noweigian father. She lived their for the majority of her life. Her twin brother, Alexandar Rybak, and her were both magical. They were both getting ready to go to Durmstrang, when they were told of a wizarding exchange program. Two students from Durmstrang would be going to Beauxbatons acadamy, and two students of Beauxbatons would go to Durmstrang.Jo applied, and was accepted. She packed her bags, and said good bye to her parents and brother. She would return to Norway when she graduated from Beauxbatons. Josefine met Abella Pompadour. She taught her French, and they soon became best friends. Jo fell in love with Abella, three years before Abella. She is trying to think of how to tell her.


Jo loves fun. She is highly intellegent. She loves to read. She want to be either a model or work for the Nowrwegian Ministry of Magic. Her fave class is Charms. She is bi-sexual, but leans towards girls. She plays guitar and piano.