Roleplayed by: JaguarStar190

Eva Lambert
Birth Date October 26th
Home Town Crozon, France
Pet none (currently)
Hair Ebony
Eyes Brown
Height 5'10
Blood Half-Blood
Mother Claire Lambert
Father Benjamin
Siblings Peter Lambert
School Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons
House Papillonisse


Eva is a headstrong girl. When she wants something, she will go get it. She is not mean to people, but it not too nice either, giving her the aura of a tough girl. She is not a tough girl however. If you spend the time to get to know her, you will fine the she is nice. A little obsessive and annoying, but nice, and fun to be around.



Eva is a half-blood. She was born from one pure-blood and one muggle-born. Eva's parents, Claire and Benjamin met in Indonesia at a facility studying griffins. Their friends introduced them to each other. They were friends that formed into a relationship. They eventually married and had twins, one girl and one boy. They were named Eva and Peter. Claire and Benjamin then moved to Crozon, France.

Eva and Peter grew up in a nice-sized apartment over the Herbal shop that their parents ran. They went to a nice school and had many friends. Their parents noticed that they were magical and a young age and frequently took them to quidditch games and other magical gatherings. The first day in second grade though, a peculiar accident happened. Eva and Peter had been angry that day at each other, as Claire and Benjamin were repainting the shop. Eva wanted to paint the shop it mint green and Peter thought it should be cream. Eva entered the room yelling at her brother. Then, she realized he wasn't there. She glanced around the room and finally saw him, standing on top of the teachers desk, foot in Ms. Eloise's (as that was her name) oatmeal.

When the children's parents heard about this, Eva was promptly grounded. After much discussion, the parents decided (and many more accidents) to move the children into the country. They did so promptly and quickly, packing their bags and leaving in the middle of the night, after a party. After they moved, the accidents didn't go decrease, but at least no one saw them. The children were homeschooled, learning the normal subjects, plus a bit about magic. On their eleventh birthday, the two were accepted into Hogwarts. They have gone there for 4 years when Eva heard about an exchange program between Beauxbatons and Hogwarts. Eva got her brother to apply along with her and both were accepted.


Hometown Crozon, France
Type of Childhood Excellent
Earliest Memory Watching her dad work with the griffins

General InfoEdit

Pets None (currently)
Likes Herbology, Parties, Magic, Nature
Dislikes Tight spaces, Her brother when he is annoying
Hobbies Gardening, Hiking, Partying
Comfort Food(s) Crêpes, Crème Brûlée
Immediate Goals Make friends
Long Term Goals  Get 100% on her exams




Magical SkillsEdit

First Year Spells

Spell Effect
1 Anti-Cheating Makes cheating impossible
2 Expelliarmus Disarming charm
3 Wingardium Leviosa Levitates objects

Second Year Spells

Spell Effect
1 Alohomora Unlocks locks
2 Colloshoo Glue target's shoes to the ground with sticky ectoplasm
3 Dissendium A spell that will reveal a secret passageway
4 Leek Jinx Makes leeks sprout out of the target's ears
5 Obliteration Charm Removes traces of passing, such as footprints and smell
6 Obscuro Creates a blindfold over the target's eyes
7 Reparo Fixes broken objects
8 Slug-Vomiting Charm Causes the target to vomit slugs

Third Year Spells

Spell Effect
1 Babbling Curse Causes the target to babble
2 Concealment Charm Conceals an object from the naked eye
3 Expulso Causes an object to explode
4 Finite Incantatem Negates the effects of most charms
5 Freezing Charm Makes the target immobile
6 Langlock Causes the target's tongue to glue to the top of their mouth
7 Lumos Solem Creates a bright light and hurts things which don't like sunlight
8 Riddikulus Forces a boggart to take the appearance of what the caster is thinking of
9 Salvio Hexia Provides Protection against hexes
10 Steleus Causes the victim to sneeze for a short period of time
11 Transtuli alius Transforms non-living things into something other than what they were


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