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About Della WintersEdit

Della Winters is an 11 year old actress and also a witch. She now goes to Beauxbatons. All of her movies are only released these days in the summer.


Della was born on Christmas Day, 1999 to Gianna Fireca and Jake Winters. The Winters Family was very very rich and owned a chain of restaurants that went all around the world. The Fireca family was also very rich and Gianna owned a clothing line. Della was sent to an all girl boarding prep school in Germany. She was very popular there and everybody wanted to be her friend. Even the professors wanted her in their classes. Though she quit and became homeschooled. When she was shopping in a mall a lady came up to her and thought she'd be an amazing model. She was excited and became a child model. This got her noticed and she became an actress. When she was 11 she got a letter from Beauxbatons. She was super excited and went. Now all her movies are only filmed and released in summers.


Della takes after her mother. She is wild and crazy yet kind and compassionate. She is very independent. She loves to cause trouble. She has a sarcastic sense of humor and likes to act strange and naive around strangers. She also hates school but does well in it. These days she'll do anything to get expelled.