Dalia Lamond
(This character was created by Belle)


Dalia Lamond sig

Motto: Ne parcas nec spernas
Motto Translation: Neither spare nor dispose.

Born May 29th
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Height 5'3
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Boggart -
Wand Yew, Dragon Heartstring
School Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons ; Friodent
Occupation Student

Dalia Lamond - Friodent
Send Me an Owl! - Lucienne's Twin
Ne parcas nec spernas : Neither spare nor dispose. - Lamond Motto


Daliane 'Dalia' Lamond is the older twin sister of Lucienne Lamond, elder sister to Emmanuelle, and Lluc. She is the oldest biological daughter of Dominic Weller and Mercè Lamond. Dalia was born in Paris, France, on May 29th, one minute and thirty one seconds before Lucienne. Her father Dominic is previously married, he has an elder daughter with a another woman, Odette Young. Dalia is the younger sister to their daughter JaeLynn Weller. Dalia has met her older sister, and feels it is strange to have another sister, an older sister she barely knows.

Dalia, not unlike Lucie was tutored as soon as she began to speak. She does not like to sit and read but she is a quick study, she is self-confident and very perceptive. She knows, and is fluent in many languages. Thus far, her favorite languages to converse in are Maltese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Full Name:
Daliane Cassandre H. Lamond
dah lee YAHN · kah SAN druh
Dweller from the valley · She who entangles men · World

Daliane Cassandre Héloïse Lamond

Her first name Daliane is a French and English name meaning Dweller in the valley, it is a form of Dahlia.

The name Cassandre is a French and Greek name meaning from the Prophetess Cassandra, a form of Κασσανδρα (Kassandra), which possibly meant "shining upon man".

The name Héloïse is French and German meaning famous fighter, a variant of Louise. In French, the name Louise means- Feminine form of Louis: Famous warrior. Renowned fighter.

Ethnicity: French/English

Native Language: Catalan, French

Languages Spoken: English, Maltese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German

Accent: French

Type of Childhood: -

Earliest Memory: Meeting JaeLynn

Pet: Eagle Owl ; Rousel

Likes: Potions, Transfiguration
Dislikes: Herbology
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 36
Clothing Style: Dress Casual
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Birthstone: Emerald
Birth flower: Lilly of the Valley
Favorite Scent: Thyme, Blood oranges, Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Nettle tea
Favorite Sweet: Dragees


She has a silver tongued articulation and a high level of responsiveness, she is capable and confident with her words and actions. She is persuasive, intelligent and witty with lots of the typical flow of eloquence. She is highly creative, spontaneous and adventurous with a willingness to take the occasional risk. She has a proneness easily losing track of time and sometimes being a bit too nosy. Simplifying complex information and conveying it easily to others is one of her best fortes. Spontaneity, astuteness and flexibility allows her solve problems and quickly adapt to changing situations.


Pare Dominic Weller Mare Mercè Lamond
Germanastra major JaeLynn Germana bessona Lucie
Germana manor Emmanuelle Germà manor Lluc

Dominic Weller Dalia adored her father, unlike Lucie who's feelings toward him after learning of and meeting JaeLynn have not changed, Dalia still has to forgive him, or get over it.
Mercè Lamond   Dalia has a beautiful relationship with her mother, she admires and inspires her. Dalia considers her mother one of her best friends, next to Lucie and Lluc.
Lucienne Lamond  Dalia Lucie despite their more obvious differences are inseparable. The girls are twins and while identical they have the best and worst opinions of one another.
Emmanuelle Lamond Dalia and Emma get along - okay. Until a disagrement between Lucie and Emma erupts. Dalia almost always takes Lucie's side, on rare occasions she sides with Emma.
Lluc Lamond Dalia loves her little brother Lluc, and when she is home from school she enjoys letting Lucie watch after him. He is a very well behaved little boy, until Dalia is around.
JaeLynn Weller Dalia hates even the idea of JaeLynn being her sister. It is nice to be able to think that Dalia is not the example anymore, no longer the eldest. JL makes the twins middle children. span> </font>

Angelique "Angel" McCarthy Dalia (and Lucie) met Angel at Bois de Allure, Dalia was chasing a tiny flying creature and barely noticed this girl in her direct path. 'Angel' struck up a conversation with Lucie, Dalia intended to leave herself out of it but that didn't happen being that Lucie had gone and gotten herself involved.
Professor Jourdain Professor Jourdain is the Transfiguration Professor, one of Dalia's favorite classes.
Professeur Molina Professor Molina is the Potions Professor, one of Dalia's favorite classes.
Professor de Lacour Professor de Lacour is the Divination Professor, one of Dalia's favorite classes.


Strengths: Divination, Transfiguration, Potions
Weaknesses: Charms, Herbology


Clothing - Uniform

Course Books

Quills and Parchment



Brewing Equipment

Book bag

20.32cm Yew, Dragon Heartstring Wand

Magick Most Evile

Heart Pendant

Diamond Ring


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