Clovis Decloret
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Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Favorite Color



Cypress, 15 Inches, Chimera Scale.


Cat (Cleo) Wand

About ClovisEdit

He is a young man who loves his friends and family dearly. He is quite popular in Beuxbatons and he is very clever. He is quite the charmer and loves a laugh. Some say he needs a haircut, others say his hair looks great the way it is.


He has been through a lot. He is firstly, an orphan, both of his parents have died. His grandparents are permenant residents of a magical hospital after an attack years ago.  He doesn't show it, but this upsets him immensely. He always seems so happy, but this isn't true. Most people see him as an incredibly cool person, he is good friends with Giselle and Drake.

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