This is the information and guide to the following class - Divination

General InformationEdit

Teacher: Professor de Lacour

Lesson PlanEdit

  • Week 1: General Introduction to Divination

  • Week 2: General Introduction to Seers and the Inner Eye (Second Sight)

  • Week 3: General Introduction to Astrology

  • Week 4: General Introduction to Tessomancy

  • Week 5: General Introduction to Cartomancy

  • Week 6: General Introduction to Palmistry

  • Week 7: General Introduction to Crystal-gazing

  • Week 8: Quarter Project

  • Week 9: Quarter Project Presentation


Please put a link to your character, user page, including your character name, year, house and timestamp under the correct header. Also include category

Year OneEdit

Year TwoEdit

Year ThreeEdit

Year FourEdit

Year FiveEdit

Year SixEdit

Year SevenEdit

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