Members of the de LaRousse family

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Aurélie de LaRousse Alie is Aimée's eldest sister. Aurélie was raised separate from Adrienne and Aimée, the two girls have a very friendly relationship. Adrienne de LaRousse Adrienne is Aimée's sensitive sister. Adrienne and Aimée were raised together by their cruel mother, they do not have the greatest relationship.

Friends/Acquaintances or otherwise
Person3 Peter Lambert Peter is very easily Aimée's crush. A twin, he inherently grasps the absolute complexities of sibling life, she has feelings around him.
Pic4 Eva Lambert Eva is Aimée's acquaintance. Due to any feelings for Peter this is how Eva is seen sharp, good humored and a possible threat.
Tobyh (2) Toby Haas Toby is in Aimée's house and year. He is a very quiet person, like her. However calme, plus calme égaux silence. She knows next to nothing else about him.

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