Here are all the spells third years learn. To see the complete list, look here

3rd Years - 25

Please keep a spell list within your character page to maintain the amount of spells your character has learned. Listed below are al of the spells available for your character.

Spell Type Use Description
Accio Charm Utility Summons an item
Aparecium Transfiguration Utility Forces invisible ink to appear
Armour-bewitching spell Charm Utility Causes suits of armour to sing carols
Babbling Curse Hex Offensive/Defensive Causes the target to babble
Blasting Charm Charm Offensive Creates a small explosion
Bombarda Transfiguration Any Causes a small explosion
Cantis Jinx Utility Causes the target to uncontrollably burst into song
Carpe Retractum Charm Any Pulls items of objects towards you, or you towards them
Cheering Charm Charm Utility Causes the target to become happy and content
Concealment Charm Charm Defensive/Utility Conceals an object from the naked eye
Confundo Charm Offensive Causes the target to become confused and forgetful
Cornflake skin spell Hex Utility Causes the target's skin to become coated in cornflakes
Cribbing Spell Charm Utility Assists the caster in cheating on written papers, tests and exams.
Densaugeo Jinx Offensive/Utility Causes teeth to grow rapidly
Descendo Transfiguration Offensive/Utility Makes things sink, or go down
Diffindo Charm Offensive/Utility Cuts or rips the target
Diminuendo Transfiguration Any Forces objects to shrink
Engorgio Charm Any Causes objects to grow in size
Episkey Transfiguration/Healing Utility Heals minor injuries
Epoximise Transfiguration Any Affixes an object to another like glue
Erecto Charm Utility Used to erect or build something
Expulso Transfiguration Defensive Causes an object to explode
Finite Incantatem Charm Any Negates the effects of most charms
Freezing Charm Charm Utility Makes the target immobile
Furnunculus Hex Offensive Causes target to be covered in boils
Homenum Revelio Charm Utility Reveals if humans nearby
Horton-Keitch Braking Charm Charm Utility Used on brooms to help them stop quickly
Imperturbable Charm Charm Defensive/Utility Makes something repellant to substances
Jelly-Legs Jinx Jinx Offensive/Defensive Renders the target's legs usless and wobbly
Knee-Reversal Hex Hex Offensive Causes the target's knees to appear on the backs of their legs
Langlock Jinx Offensive/Defensive Causes the target's tongue to glue to the top of their mouth
Lapifors Transfiguration Any Turns small objects into rabbits
Lumos Solem Charm Utility Creates a bright light and hurts things which don't like sunlight
Melofors Jinx Any Encases the target's head in a pumpkin
Mobilicorpus Charm Utility Lifts a body off the ground and floats it nearby
Obliviate Charm Any Removes memories
Permanent Sticking Charm Charm Utility Permanent Sticking Charm
Point Me Charm Utility Causes the caster's wand to point north
Quietus Charm Utility Makes a loud voice quieter
Pudation Charm Utility Makes a 5 foot tall pool of pudding fall out of the air. (Created by Shane Frozon)
Reducio Charm Any Makes the target smaller
Refilling Charm Transfiguration Any Refills a drink
Relashio Charm Any Forces something or someone to release what it's holding
Rennervate Charm/Healing Utility Makes the target conscious
Riddikulus Transfiguration Any Forces a boggart to take the appearance of what the caster is thinking of
Salvio Hexia Charm/Protective Defensive Provides Protection against hexes
Sonorous Charm Charm Any Emits a magnified roar from the tip of the wand
Sonorus Charm Utility Makes the target's voice louder
Steleus Hex Any Causes the victim to sneeze for a short period of time
Stinging Jinx Jinx Offensive Produces a stinging sensation, causing welts and inflammation
Switching Spell Transfiguration Any Causes two objects to be swapped for one other
Transtuli alius Transfiguration Any Transforms non-living things into something other than what they were
Unbreakable Charm Charm Any An object becomes unbreakable
Waddiwasi Charm Any Launches a small object through the air

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